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Animal Advocacy

With the increasing awareness about cruelty to animals, many people are opting for alternative leather products, to help create a sustainable environment. Artificial leather has become very popular nowadays in the leather market because it looks identical to real leather. Also, it has lot more flexibility and positively effects the environment unlike the leather industry.

This artificial leather is vinyl coated fabric, with soft texture and appears like real leather. Similarly, vegan leather is another type of artificial leather, which is made from different types of materials like Birikibuc, Kydex, Lorica, PVC etc. It is used to make garments, shoes and accessories. Barkcloth is made from the bark of the trees which are later shaped and flattened into sheets.

Barkcloth is thick, soft and is slightly textured fabric that is obtained from Moraceae trees. Further, cork fabric is obtained from the wood of cork oak tree. The fabric is made from the bark of the tree and has many qualities that make it a suitable option for leather. It is soft, waterproof, dirt and dust resistant and durable. These fabrics and materials are also environment and animal friendly.

Glazed cotton is a high quality polished cotton which is also used as leather alternative. This silk type fabric is normally used for bed sheets, cushions and also for clothing. One can opt for this eco-friendly fabric instead of leather and save animals. Paper is another eco-friendly option for leather. There are number of things made from paper like clothes, bags, baskets etc.